About Collaborative Conversations



The Purpose of Collaborative Conversations is to create the conditions under which our clients can tap the vast potential of synergistic intelligence that is available when people come together around a common purpose.

The Vision of Collaborative Conversations is satisfied clients who can talk about complex issues in ways that allow them to:

~ Arrive at a clear idea of what is important to them regarding a specific issue.

~ Explore what is possible based on the constraints they are operating under.

~ Determine and coordinate effective actions that produce desired outcomes.

~ Critically reflect and learn in order to improve their future conversations.

The Mission of Collaborative Conversations is to provide our clients with the skills and tools they need to consistently experience:

~ High levels of productivity.

~ Less wasted time.

~ Ownership and accountability for results produced.

~ Smoother functioning in and among teams and workgroups.

~ Serious fun – work is experienced as enlivening even when it is challenging.

How effective are your collaboration efforts? If they’re not as good as you want them to be, Stewarding Collaborative Conversations can make the difference that makes a difference.

Email: kenhomer @ sonic.net

Phone: 1-415-299-9652

Website: http://www.collaborativeconversations.com

Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ken_homer

skype: twcken

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  1. Do you have any plans to allow us non-twitterers to subscribe to your blog by email? I am very interested in reading it every week. Thanks for what you’re doing. Peg

    • Hi Peg,

      My blog is open to anyone who wishes to read it – twitterer or not. You can subscribe via RSS and please note two things: first, I have moved the main blog to: http://collaborativeconversations.com and second, my updates are dependent on mood and time – trying to get back to regular discipline of weekly, but struggling with busy work schedule – for which I am very grateful! Thank you for your kind words and interest.



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