Why I Blog

I am a novice blogger. I have three wishes in mind as I begin this practice.

My first wish is that my blogging will provide you the reader with new and different models and perspectives that show up as valuable in your life.

My second wish is that my blogging will help me get both the well formed and, the still needs some work, ideas out of my head and into a conversational space where people can provide me with valuable feedback, so that the good ideas become more useful, and not so good ideas are released or transform into better ones.

Mt third wish is that my blogging will make a difference that makes a difference – a difference that moves me, you and/or us closer to the creation of a more viable, fulfilling, meaningful, just and sustainable future for the children of all species for all time. 

Yes, I know that last one is idealistic, but it is a core aspect of my being, and one that I stubbornly refuse to surrender to the encroaching cynicism around and especially within me.

I am committed to working with others similarly inclined, toward the creation of a future where 10,000 years from now there will still be tigers in our jungles, whales in our oceans, and eagles in our skies. For me to settle for anything less insults my ancestors, diminishes my soul and abandons my responsibility to the countless generations awaiting birth.

Of course it is easy to make a grand sweeping declaration when dealing with a future so far beyond my own death.

Harder by far is the finding of guidance for the day-to-day choice making that confronts us all as we awaken to how unsustainable and outright destructive most of the industrial-social-economic-governance mega-systems are that we have created and that, like it or not, in which we are all embedded.

I don’t have any silver bullets, magic wands, crystal balls or the like. If I am lucky I have one or two, maybe three good and useful ideas. 

This blog is an attempt to change the conversations that perpetuate unsustainable systems and shift us toward the creation of a sustainable, living civilization where the possibilities for life on this planet can continue to unfold with grace and mystery for as long as the world will support us.

American poet Robert Duncan once observed: The central drama of our time is the coming of all the world’s people into a single fate.

Rich or poor, black, white, yellow, red or brown, young or old, north or south, modern, traditional or indigenous, we are all faced with hard choices.

We are all in this together.

The only way out is through, and the only way through is together.

Your  comments  are most welcome, especially from those of you who see things differently than I do.

I  look forward to seeing what will unfold between us,



  1. Thank you Ken – I am honored by your sharing the gift of your thinking and your wishes and so glad that you have stepped into the blogosphere. It strikes me that every conversation we have I come away with a renewed sense of hope and strength and as I read your post and description this morning, that same sense of hope and strength filled me. Thank you for stepping into the blogosphere – and may your wishes come true!

  2. Ken,

    It has been a wonderful 45 minutes visiting your blog and tapping into more of the wealth of resources you offer. Keep up this great work!!


  3. Hi. Just bumping around the “transpartisan net” site, I just got pulled in here, and saw something about an interfaith meeting last Valentine’s day. And all your ideas on “collaborative conversations” feel very right to me. I’ve been out on the fringe of this kind of work for a long time — and done a lot with interfaith — and what I’m really feeling today — is that maybe — all these levels and layers could possibly be pulled together in some more-or-less magical way. I guess I’m kind of in a study and absorption mode, clicking around, gathering stuff, pasting lots of things into one document. So, thanks for your energy here, and your presence and contributions on the transpartisan project….

  4. Hi Bruce,

    Thanks for your kind words. Sounds like you are beginning to move yourself from the fringe to the center in these conversations. I look forward to hearing more from you on the Transpartisan Alliance.

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