Posted by: Ken Homer | March 9, 2009

Moving On – Reflections on a Year of Blogging

Last week marked the one year anniversary of this blog.

Thank you to all my readers – loyalists who read every post, as well as the infrequent visitors who  drop in read one and run. Each of you is important to me.

In celebration, I moved it from under my name – – to its new home –

Over the next few weeks I’ll be devoting my time to making the Collaborative Conversations blog a more useful resource for those whose work involves creating and stewarding collaborative conversations. I recently  developed a series of workshops on The Foundations of Collaboration and I plan to feature that work over there along with some of the slides I’ve developed to accompany the courses. Please stay tuned for more info.

This first year has been a great learning process for me. My visitorship for the entire year is just over 6,500. Modest by most blog standards, minuscule by others, but more than enough to make me grateful. These visits also humble me and make me think deeply about what it is that I can pass on to 6,500 people that is useful and valuable.

So, what have I learned and what is ahead?

I learned that it is very challenging to create a new post every week.

I learned that I write in fits and starts with a sudden burst of several posts pouring through followed by dry spells.

I learned that the hunger out there for good information about how to collaborate is very deep and mostly unsatisfied.

I learned that I can not please everyone and that sometimes what I write will be misunderstood no matter how I try to be clear.

I learned that when I look back over what I write that it usually has its own organic unfolding which is not always as strategic as I would like it to be.

I also learned that people care deeply – this is more a reaffirmation of previous knowledge coming through a different medium.

And I learned a few things about the technical side of blogging too. Last May I was introduced to twitter and discovered that micro-blogging is actually much more interesting then it appears at first – I am still learning my way into this new medium. I actually think that the discipline of 140 characters is great practice for writing longer blog pieces.

For now, I just want to say thank you to all my readers. I hope to provide you with plenty of reasons to return in the coming year.

With gratitude,




  1. Hi Ken.
    Thanks for sharing your learning in the blogosphere.
    You now have a readership of 6,501!!

  2. Thanks Edd,

    I’m happy to count you among my readers.



  3. Hi Ken,

    I loved reading your reflections of what you learned this past year! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me.


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