Posted by: Ken Homer | November 22, 2008

Playing for Change – Peace Through Music

About a week ago someone sent me a youtube video of a very moving and uplifting version of the Leiber and Stoller classic Stand By Me. As the video unfolds a succession of musicians from around the world blend their voices and instruments into a seamless audio/visual experience that left me wanting to hear it again and again.

Mark Johnson, the man behind this video, has a larger vision that’s perhaps even more inspiring – Peace Through Music. If you have 20 minutes to look at this Bill Moyers interview you can see the whole Stand By Me video, a part of One Love, and learn what went into the many years it took to make them, as well as catch a glimpse of ancient power shining brightly through the dross of a troubled world.



  1. I love this video as well. Saw it a while ago.
    I live in the middle east and have dedicated my life to make harmony through conscious use of voice, rhythm and music, am grateful to work peacefully with Jews, Christians and Muslims.

    It tickles my heart to see more being shared.

    I also loved watching the video re: aggregate love.

    Eliana Gilad

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