Posted by: Ken Homer | August 15, 2008

From Institutions to Collaboration

Collaboration is a word worthy of rehabilitation. Thanks to the last century’s wars, collaborating came to be associated with cooperating and working with the enemy. But more and more this word is showing up in positive contexts and that seems all to the good in my view.

A dear friend uses this word in the sense of co-laboring, working with others – friend or perceived enemy – to bring forth a better way.

The TED talk below was filmed in 2005 but only posted on the TED site last month. In it, Clay Shirky, a man with an unusual ability to observe things that elude most of us, talks of moving from institutions to collaboration and outlines some of the challenges along the way. It’s 20 minutes worth watching if you are at all interested in the future we’ll all be co-laboring to bring about.


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