Posted by: Ken Homer | April 28, 2008

Life in a No Asshole World – Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?

I spoke with a friend today who turned me on to Bob Sutton’s blog. 

Sutton, for those of us unfamiliar with the man’s name might be better recognized as  the best selling author of The No Asshole Rule.

While I admit to having seen the book, I knew little about it or the man who wrote it until my friend told me to visit Bob’s blog and read the 15 things Mr. Sutton believes. 

I am now hooked and will need to spend more time investigating his work.

Reprinted below – copied and pasted from his blog actually – forgive me any copyright infringement here, I am giving full credit where is it due – are 15 things that Bob Sutton believes make the world a better place.

Perhaps he’ll make a believer out of you too. 

For more please visit his every informative and entertaining blog.




  1. hmmmm… no assholes would imply a serious amount of ..ummm … backup – wouldn’t it?

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