Posted by: Ken Homer | April 1, 2008

An April Fool?

A about two months ago I very quietly launched my website. I asked several friends with far greater expertise in web design than I have to take a look. They were kind in their critiques – they really looked for the good, but the unspoken was loud and clear, it needed a lot of work.

I did little to promote the site until I could retool and overhaul to take into account the bulk of their feedback, or at least the parts that were within my ability to incorporate.

So on here on the First Day of April, a day long known for fools and foolishness, I make a cyberspatic gesture of invitation on a slightly larger scale. My website is now ready for public viewing and I welcome feedback from anyone who cares to comment be it positive, negative or neutral.

I know it still has a ways to go, but I think it is getting closer to a clearer articulation of the constellation of factors that go into leading sustainable conversations and coupled with this blog, perhaps the concept will take a little stronger root in the world.

Check it out here, or use the link at the right, and thanks as always for dropping by.  


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