Posted by: Ken Homer | March 19, 2008

We Are The Human Beings – A Story

I have heard it said that during the 1880s when the US army was waging a campaign of genocide against the native people on the plains of Turtle Island that a great council was held. It is said that the young warriors stood up and in their pride for their people and their anger at the injustices against them, they called for all out war. A battle to the last warrior, to defend their way of life at all costs. To them, anything less was a shameful, unbearable defeat. 

Many heads nodded assent as the power of their words and the pride they stirred within swept through those gathered.

But some while later an old grandmother, loved, respected and revered among all who were gathered there, arose and addressed them saying:

It is true we are wronged. It is true we are hunted and killed. It is true that our babies ripped from our arms. It is true that our sons slaughtered. It is true our daughters raped. It is true that our lands are defiled. It is true we are in danger. It is true that our way of life is imperiled. It is true that this is a dark time for Our People.

But Our People are The Human Beings. We are the ones who know the joy of living and the ways walking in harmony and beauty with all the creatures of the Earth. If we fight until the last warrior lays still upon the Earth then who will remember what it means to be a Human Being? Not our grandchildren for they shall all perish in the battle. Not our neighbors for they too are facing extermination. Nor will those who will kill us remember for they have already forgotten. And kill us they will for they are stronger in weapons and their number is greater than ours.

We are The Human Beings and this is a dark time for Our People. It is not our task to fight until we disappear. It is our task to plan for the future of The Human Beings. It is our task to find ways to ensure that when this darkness recedes and sunlight shines once again on our faces that there are Human Beings left on Earth who remember what it means to live in joy and harmony with the Earth. It is our task to ensure the survival of The People Who Know Themselves as The Human Beings.

I have spoken. 



  1. The young warriors were right. Ultimetly no one will remember anyway.

  2. Hello Tanya,

    Many is the time when I have felt the young warriors were right. But the grandmothers in my life – and there are many more now than when I was younger – have convinced me otherwise.

    The Human Beings are strong and resilient and troubled though the times are now, there will yet come a day when their ways will be honored once again.

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