Posted by: Ken Homer | March 13, 2008

Some thoughts

I was in email correspondence with an old friend and reader of this blog yesterday. He offered to me that my last few posts have been more on the teaching side than simply putting out some thoughts about my life. A fair observation and quite spot on. My sister requested that I write some stuff explaining what collaborative conversations are and how to lead them, which prompted the teachy posts of late. I’m glad to take a break from them however and just do the blog thing which is still quite new to me.

I’ve never been one to journal regularly. I have tried off and on over the years, but have never found my groove with it. I do notice that I am much  more likely to write when I am passing through dark periods of my life and my mood is heavy. But at the moment, it is springtime in the Bay Area and I am in a good space moodwise — I could use some paid work if any of your reading this are in need of a skilled facilitator and designer of large group conversations or an experienced leadership coach. 

This week began for me with a “strategic dreaming” session for a small organization where I serve as an advisor. Their mission: supporting the emergence of global citizens – both individual and corporate – through creating a meeting place and offering learning experiences where ancient indigenous wisdom keepers can be in deep dialogue with contemporary knowledge workers creating a shift in their mindsets and ways of looking at the world in order to brig forth a more just, sustainable and fulfilling world for us all.

I feel quite privileged to be connected to this organization and the people associated with it. A young woman by the name of Lyla June Johnston was present at this meeting and I was very struck with her self-possession and intelligence. Of Turtle Island ancestry, a member of the Diné people she was a national poetry slam winner and in addition to bringing a freshness of perspective to the session, she also lit up the room with her spirit. You can find her on youtube. Here’s one of her poems that I really liked:


I am headed off for a few days to work on a facilitated dialogue among 400 people around housing issues in San Mateo County. Should be a great time. I’m looking forward to learning the methodology which was developed by some folks at Stanford. I’ll be back online next week.

Have a great weekend,




  1. Thanks for the piece by Lyla June Johnston – Still struggling with nicotine myself and that poem really, really helped!


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