Posted by: Ken Homer | March 5, 2008


The question is always how to begin isn’t it?

How to start in an honorable way, requires asking what needs honoring here?

The question of honor  is a question that is much on my mind of late…

“On my honor, I will do my best…” a pledge of honor from my past.

I am intrigued with the notion of honoring. What is it? Why is it important?

What does honoring mean? How do we do it? And how does it relate to collaboration?

What makes something or someone worthy of honor or honoring? 

How does honor relate to memory? To time? To life itself?

What is it to lead a life of honor?  

What or who do you honor each day? How do you do that?

What or who honors you? 

What personal practices do you have for honoring?

What collective practices do you engage in that light up the fire of honor in your life?

What is the past calling us to honor?

What is the present calling us to honor?  

What  is the future calling us to honor?

How do we honor our souls, hearts and spirits in ways that make their beacons visible in the darkness?

How do we create honorable beginnings?

How do we create honorable middles? 

How do we create honorable endings?



  1. Welcome to the blogosphere and thank you for this thoughtful post Ken. Your questions cause me to wonder … is honor a description or an action or a feeling? Is honor, like beauty, in the eye of the honored? Is there some universal principle or kernel of wisdom for honoring another? How is being honored different from being celebrated or acknowledged or recognized or awarded? How do we know it and be intentional toward nurturing it within our own practice toward others?

  2. Hi LaDonna,

    Thanks for your comments and your questions. I do not have any answers, but I find your inquires to be lovely places for exploration and great doorways into conversations.

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